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Published by e-Node worldwide.

With thousands of users around the world AreaList Pro is the #1 best seller professional tool for 4D, used by most top professionals and publishers.

Its 50 commands and over 400 properties provide tremendous possibilities, far beyond native 4D and ListBoxes, to display fields or arrays and interact with the user, with full control over data entry and display.

AreaList Pro is rock solid, feature requests are implemented in weeks and bugs if any usually last a few days.

AreaList Pro provides all the features you need to create sophisticated and user interface rich list controls with 4D v11 to v15.

Version 9 is a full rewrite offering backward compatibility with 8.x versions and many new features.
It also offers printing AreaList Pro areas through the SuperReport Pro best seller plugin.

The manual and examples have been redesigned to help mastering the powerful AreaList Pro version 9 API.
AreaList Pro version 9.x is also compatible with version 8 API.

* Full 4D v11 to v15 compatibility
* New API based upon a full list of properties that the developer can set / get
* Hierarchical lists display
* Grid mode (a series of cells, defined by a two-dimensional array)
* Mapped values
* Ability to hide individual columns
* Styled text
* Hierarchical menu popups
* Controls in lists
* RGB colors with transparency
* Caching of formatted values (speeds up display)
* Drag and drop from and to non ALP and non 4D objects, including desktop items, files and folders
* Full Unicode support including display and data entry
* Separate XML file for formats, months names, colors names, etc.
* Native look, using up-to-date drawing libraries (CoreText / CoreGraphics on Mac, GDI+ on Windows)
* Wrapped text
* Dynamic row height
* New text attributes, including vertical alignment, rotated text, horizontal scaling and line spacing
* Now includes DisplayList commands
* Single word wrapping 
* Date and time format enhancements 
* Strike-through support
* Enhanced single click event support
* Non-native header display, including sort indicator and color background properties
* Free column text property for developer use
 AreaList Pro & PrintList Pro developer forum
What's new
Main new features in version 9.9.2
Version 9.9.2 introduces a sophisticated handling of typeahead in both field and array modes:
- Typeahead on/off, select first row, keep selection and scroll (legacy behavior), change selection (ALP_Area_TypeAheadEffect)
- Include field mode (ALP_Area_TypeAheadFieldMode)
- Set the time during which the typeahead keystrokes are buffered (ALP_Area_TypeAheadTime)
- Retrieve the buffered string, e.g. manage you own typeahead behavior (ALP_Area_TypeAheadString)
- Report a specific typeahead event (AL Typeahead event)

The demonstration database has been updated to show the new typeahead features (AreaList > Configuration options...).

This version allows any kind of one-dimension array to be added as a column (pointer, blob, object): it is not usable for display, but this new feature can be used to maintain the arrays in sync (using sort or AL_ModifyArrays).

When all columns are from a related table, the area display is based upon the current selection from the master table, not the related table's selection.

New option to draw a column divider after last column and/or in the footers. ALP_Area_ShowColDividers is now a bit-field.

New function AL_GetPlainText to get plain text from attributed text.

See the Release notes.

Main new features in version 9.9.1
New Drag and Drop chapter in the Manual: 16 pages explaining in detail AreaList Pro's powerful Drag and Drop features.

New properties:
- ALP_Area_SelKeepOnTypeAhead: selection change on typeahead
- ALP_Area_Event_Filter: don't report specified event(s)
- ALP_Area_FillNumberSign: replace placeholders '#' with non-breaking spaces or remove then when unused
- ALP_Area_ReadOnly: make the whole area read only (ignore entering attempt, drag and/or drop regardless of the area settings)
Support of the online instant activation. One-click registration, no need to recompile, no need for serial numbers or machine IDs!

Alternate row coloring when exporting SuperReport Pro reports.
Option (alt)-double-click on right column edge resizes all columns (not only the single column affected with double-click).
Support of background color in attributed text.
New constants for AL_ModifyArrays.

Main new features in version 9.9
- Support of the new e-Node Online registration system: this optional registration removes the need to retrieve the serial information or machine ID from the end user setup
- New properties to return the row numbers of the first and visible rows on screen
- New property to optionally include the headers in the copied / dragged data (when headers are not hidden)
- INS key during entry on Windows is routed to 4D (e.g. as a shortcut to a button on the layout)
- Named formats are supported: "|format" is resolved when it is set, including text type styles
- Added support for SET OBJECT VISIBLE in v14: no need to manually hide/show the plugin area
- Various bugs and v14 related issues were fixed
- Enhancement of the time picker popup

See the AreaList Pro v9.9 release notes for details.
AreaList Pro version 9.9 is a free upgrade from v9.0: existing v9.x licenses will activate version 9.9.

Main new features in version 9.8
- Copy and Drag & Drop: the headers are copied, too
- New plugin property: alternate calendar popup (ALP_Area_CalendarLook)
- Custom icon support extended to popups and HL triangles
- Control over the selection mode after the first click in cell entry (ALP_Area_EntryFirstClickMode)
- Old "triangle" sort indicator over vertical scrollbar allowed

New in version 9.7
- New entirely redesigned Manual
- AL_SetLine can now be used with multiple-row selection mode
- Various Advanced properties dialog improvements
- Support for length-limit during editing of Alpha fields
- Support for footers when printing an AreaList Pro area with SuperReport Pro
- New property for leaving cursor as is when over the area
- DisplayList: swapping OK & Cancel buttons
- AL_GetVersion and AL_GetAreaTextProperty (0; ALP_Area_Version) no longer trigger the demo dialog when not registered (allows to check version before registering)
- Support for 4D v14's ARRAY TIME
- New event value 101 (AL Mouse entry unsel row) - sent when the entry starts through a mouse action in a previously unselected row
- New ALP_Area_SelHighlightMode property to modify the highlight method:
0 = default (system highlight color used as background color)
1 = invert colors
2 = blend the system highlight color with 75% alpha (192)

New in version 9.6
* New features
- Individual rows hiding
- New command: AL_ModifyArrays to insert or delete a number of rows (array elements) at the specified position, or inform AreaList Pro that a number of elements have been inserted or deleted
- Calculated columns in array mode
- Modified behavior of ALP_Area_TraceOnError: if set accordingly, when an error occurs in compiled structure, an alert is shown indicating the error, calling method, entry point used, property used
- New possible value to ALP_Area_EntryClick: 7 means enterable only by long click (see ALP_Area_ClickDelay)
- Implemented support for picture alignment when format is 0 or 3
- Two new properties for sort dialog: titles for Cancel and OK buttons
- Support of "password" columns (bullets will be displayed instead of the actual values, including during entry)
- Header foreground color setting using AL_SetForeColor, AL_SetForeClr and AL_SetForeRGBColor
- Changed default line spacing to 1.0 (was 1.2)

Using SuperReport Pro for printing
AreaList Pro allows printing or saving as HTML through SuperReport Pro v3. It only takes two lines of code to print an AreaList Pro area. Additional options are available, such as automatic column width and use of SuperReport Pro style properties instead of the existing AreaList Pro area settings.
pdf.gif  AreaList Pro Current Version Release Notes
pdf.gif  AreaList Pro developer reference
Demonstration databases

4D v14 & v15 databases illustrating AreaList Pro v9 features
v14.png  AreaList Pro v14 Demonstration database
v15orig.png  AreaList Pro v15 Demonstration database
v14.png  AreaList Pro v14 Tutorial examples
v15orig.png  AreaList Pro v15 Tutorial examples
v14.png  AreaList Pro v14 Drag and drop to and from objects of all kinds
v15orig.png  AreaList Pro v15 Drag and drop to and from objects of all kinds
AreaList Pro version 9.x is compatible with 4D v11 to v15 for both MacOS and Windows. It requires MacOS X 10.5 or higher and Windows XP SP2 or better.

AreaList Pro requires a registration key to unlock the product making it a full working version.
Without the registration key, AreaList Pro will operate in demonstration mode during 20 minutes.

Registering your AreaList Pro License.
There are four ways to register your license:
- using the Demo mode dialog "Register" button,
- though a text file,
- in your 4D code with a command,
- through the online registration system.

Yearly licenses such as Unlimited single user, OEM and Partner do not require any serial information or online registration. The only way to register these licenses is through the registration command.

Like all e-Node plug-ins, AreaList Pro offers several license types. There are no such things as MacOS vs Windows or Development vs Deployment
Note: if you are using several concurrent versions of 4D you will need one plugin license for each version.
A new license will be supplied for free at any time (maximum once a year) if you change your 4D version or get a new 4D registration key for the same version, provided that your previous license match the current public version at exchange time. This rule applies whether you are already using the new version or not: just specify that you also want a key for the older version as well as the current one when you order an upgrade. It applies to merged licenses (see below) as well, but you'll only need to replace your license if your hardware configuration is modified.

- Regular licenses are used for applications that are opened with 4D Standalone or 4D SQL Desktop, or with 4D Server, either in interpreted or compiled mode (doesn't make a difference regarding plugin licensing). These licenses are linked to the 4D or 4D Server license.
- Merged licenses are used for double-clickable applications built with 4D Volume Desktop (single user) or with 4D Server by means of the 4D Compiler module.These licenses are linked to the machine ID (single user workstation or server).

License types

Single user
This license allows development (interpreted mode) or deployment (interpreted or compiled mode, including merged) of applications that are opened with 4D Standalone or 4D SQL Desktop or built with 4D Volume Desktop.

These licenses allow development (interpreted mode) or deployment (interpreted or compiled mode, including merged servers / remotes) on 4D Server with up to 10 users ("small server"), 11 to 20 users ("medium server") or more ("large server").

Unlimited Single user
This license allows development (interpreted mode) or deployment (interpreted or compiled mode, including merged) on any number of 4D Standalone (or single user merged applications built with 4D Volume Desktop) that run your 4D application(s).
It is a yearly license, which expires after the date when it is to be renewed. Expiration only affects interpreted mode. Compiled applications using an obsolete license will never expire.
A single license key will unlock all setups on all compatible 4D versions and all versions of the plugin.
The license key is linked to the developer/company name.
This license allows deployment (selling new application licenses, updates or subscriptions) while the license is valid. No new deployment may occur after expiry without a specific license (merged or regular).
End-users running deployments sold during the license validity period remain authorized without time limit, provided that they are no longer charged for the application using the plug-in (including maintenance or upgrades).

This license allows development (interpreted mode) or deployment (interpreted or compiled mode, including merged) on any number of 4D Servers (any number of users), 4D Standalone or single user/remote merged instances that run your 4D application(s).
It is a yearly license, under the exact same terms as the Unlimited Single User license described above, except that it also covers server deployments.

Unlimited OEM
This license is a global OEM license, covering any combination of the plug-ins published by e-Node, including AreaList Pro, SuperReport Pro, PrintList Pro, CalendarSet and Internet Toolkit in all configurations.

e-Node Partner
This license matches 4D's annual Partner subscription and covers all the plug-ins published by e-Node, including AreaList Pro, SuperReport Pro, PrintList Pro, CalendarSet and Internet Toolkit.
For each product, a single registration key allows development (interpreted mode) or deployment (interpreted or compiled mode, except merged) on all 4D Standalones and 4D Servers (2 users) regardless of 4D product numbers, OS and versions. No merged applications.
This is a yearly license, which expires on February 1st (same date as 4D Partner licenses).
Expiration only affects interpreted mode. Compiled applications using an obsolete license will never expire
Note: you don't have to be a 4D Partner subscriber to subscribe to the e-Node Partner license.

Second plugin license set for 4D v14 or v15 - 50% discount
Since the release of 4D v14 and 4D v15, many developers have kept on using their current environment while migrating towards v14 or v15 and perhaps waiting for a future subversion.
Regular plug-in licenses (single user & server) are linked to the 4D serial number, therefore you will need an additional license set for your v14 or v15 single user and/or server(s).
A 50% discount is available on this second set of licenses, provided that you already have a license for a previous version of 4D, for each v14 or v15 license to purchase.
Enter the code "v14" or "v15" under the "Promotion code" field when ordering from our website.
Here are some beautiful interface examples built with AreaList Pro v9, from The Aquila Group:

Copyright - The Aquila Group, Inc.  1996-2012
  AreaList Pro v9.9.4
Partner License (one year)
Includes AreaList Pro, SuperReport Pro, PrintList Pro, CalendarSet and Internet Toolkit. 380.00 €
  AreaList Pro v9.9.4
Extension to SuperReport Pro
Add a SuperReport Pro license key to your existing AreaList Pro license (or ordered simultaneously). Same 4D serial information, any license type except Unlimited. SuperReport Pro is the new printing companion to AreaList Pro. 60.00 €
  AreaList Pro v9.9.4
Single user (development & deployment)
MacOS & Windows 90.00 €
  AreaList Pro v9.9.4
Server license (per server) - 1 to 10 users
MacOS & Windows 150.00 €
  AreaList Pro v9.9.4
Server license (per server) - 11 to 20 users
MacOS & Windows 240.00 €
  AreaList Pro v9.9.4
Server license (per server) - over 20 users
MacOS & Windows 330.00 €
  AreaList Pro v9.9.4
Server upsize
MacOS & Windows 90.00 €
  AreaList Pro v9.9.4
Unlimited single-user license (one year)
MacOS & Windows 1,299.00 €
  AreaList Pro v9.9.4
Upgrade from versions 8.3 - 8.5 (single user or server)
MacOS & Windows 70.00 €