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DataCheck 4.0
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Published by Committed Software
DataCheck v4 is the most powerful and quickest 4D data checking and data fixing tool available.

As well as being the best damage detection tool available for 4D data files (it accesses the raw 4D data structures on disk), it is also the premier tool for diagnosing non-damage data problems, such as "gremlins" [nonprintable chars in data] and NANs [not-a-number numbers], and bad booleans [booleans that are neither true nor false!], and Type Mismatches [when the type of a field in your structure file does not match the type of the record field in your data file]

DataCheck v4.0

- Built for 4D 2004 structures and data files, but runs with all versions of 4D since v3.5.
- Major speed boosts over DataCheck v3 (over 5 seperate speed features implemented).
- Easier international usage (TRIC resources handled by DataCheck more generically).
- More items checked for in your data files.

You can download and purchase DataCheck v4.0 today.

- - -

- Recover by Tags (DataCheck implementation).

- Carbonized for MacOS X.

- More advanced record fixing features.

- Compatible with 4D from version 3.5 to version 2004.

- Compatible with Components.

- Automated Launching of 4D after scan (for auto-run of DataCheck).

- Two gremlin maps (One for Alpha, one for Text).

- Drop of damaged indices can be automated.

- Skip Index or Table during scan (skip those long indices with one button).

- Run files are cross platform.

- Temporary file location can be defined.

- "Goto record number" in the record Browser.

- Preferences for warning on closing.

- Plus several other damage detection features.

- Lets users know exactly what segment file was opened.

- Warns when a segment file appears in a different directory than the main .data file. This is an attempt to help you catch problems where you copy a data file, but not reset the segments to point at the new copy...

- Lets you know when DataCheck ignores the internal list of segments and builds a segment list itself.

- Detection for Alpha char in record larger than structure.
pdf.gif  DataCheck English documentation
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DataCheck Runtime is a tool for users of DataCheck who want their clients to use DataCheck features but are unwilling for those clients to have the full power of DataCheck v4.

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langueUS.gif  DataCheck English version
  DataCheck 4.0

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  DataCheck 4.0

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  DataCheck 4.0
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  DataCheck 4.0
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  DataCheck 4.0

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  DataCheck 4.0
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DataCheck 4.0
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  DataCheck 4.0
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  DataCheck 4.0
DataCheck v3-v4 upgrade + SanityCheck v4-v5 upgrade

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