>CalendarSet v6

CalendarSet version 6 includes the original API (no change needed in your existing code) as well as the more recent property-based API and adds new features: 

-> Year view

-> Calendar.app-like display

-> Separate scrolling of all-day events area in Day/Week views

-> Separate 64-bit build signed & notarized on Mac

-> 40 new properties

>AreaList Pro v10.4

With thousands of users around the world AreaList Pro is the #1 best seller professional tool for 4D, used by most top developers and publishers.
Its 50 commands and over 400 properties provide tremendous possibilities, far beyond native 4D and ListBoxes, to display fields or arrays and interact with the user, with full control over data entry and display.

>Internet ToolKit v4.3.3, v5.0.3, v6.0.3

As of version 4.3, Internet ToolKit comes through 3 different channels, each matching a 4D version range and SSL context.
- Versions 4.3 and 4.x above for use with 4D v14.4-4D v15 (including 4D v15R4), includes openSSL 1.1.1d
- Version 5.x for use with 4D v16 (including v15R5) - 4D v17 (including 4D v17R4)
- Version 6.x for use with 4D v17R5 and above, 64-bit only, does not contain openSSL (uses what is provided by 4D)5 (ITK v4.1), 4D v16, 4D v17 (ITK v4.2).

>SuperReport Pro v4.2.1

SuperReport Pro Version 4 is compatible with 4D v16, v17 and above versions in 32-bit and 64-bit modes. It brings the new palette interface for all object properties.

>PrintList Pro v6.4

PrintList Pro Version 6 includes 4D v16, v17 and above, 64-bit compatibility, MySQL direct access, use of all AreaList Pro relevant properties, new properties and new commands.

>PDF-XChange Editor v8

Edit PDF files directly.

Ole4D v3.0.2

Published by CLS Data Pro. Distributed by e-Node.
Available language(s)

Create, display and manage OLE and ActiveX objects in 4D applications.

This is a plug-in for 4th Dimension version 6.7 and greater and Windows OS.

Ole4D allows 4D programmers to create, display and easily manage OLE and ActiveX objects right within their 4D application.

The plug-in also has support for running VBScript code. It offers a powerful set of commands to manage common functions of the OLE objects. All other features that are specific to the OLE object can be programmed using VBScript language commands.

The VBScript can be run directly from 4D. You can set/get OLE object properties, call its methods and handle the events.


Create and embed OLE objects: OLE objects can be created using the plugin commands and managed from the 4D application.

Allow in place activation: Displays the OLE objects inside the 4D form.

Saving the object to blob variables: The object can be saved in a 4D blob variable and also loaded from blob.

Positioning of the OLE object toolbar: The toolbars of the object can be placed in a specified area of the 4D form.

Enable/disable showing OLE object menu: The object's menu can be hidden or shown in the main 4D window.

Run VB Script from 4D using an interpreter: The complete set of VBScript commands can be called using the plugin.

Retrieve value of VB Script variables in 4D: The integer,real and text values of the OLE object properties or of the objects created from VBScript can be set to 4D variables.

Assign 4D methods as event handlers of OLE object events: When the OLE object generates an event, the 4D method is called to process the event. From the 4D method can also be accessed the event parameters.

Create OLE objects linked to a file.

New in version 3.0.1

* 4D v11 Unicode compatible version with bundle format, with bug fixes and improvements
* The toolbars are included in the plug-in area and managed automatically by the OLE/ActiveX control
* OCSetToolbarArea/OCGetToolbarArea commands are not used
* VBS transfer commands are working also with fields
* Error fixed when used on same form with AreaList Pro and maybe other plug-ins
* Improved Outlook demo which transfers the folder structure as XML and imports selected email content
* 4D v11 redraw problem fix
* Other bug fixes and improvements

New in version 2

* 4D 2004 compatible (supported versions: 6.7 - 2004).
* The OCConvertBlob command, which can be used to convert the 4D blobs stored with Ole Tools into the OLE4D format.
* The OCRunScriptB command, which can be used to execute VBS code directly from a 4D blob. This command removes the 32.000 characters limit of the OCRunScript command.
* Support added in the OCEvalVBS and SHost.Set4DVar for blob data type.
* Improved support for ActiveX controls.
* Improved performance.
* Demo database updated with 2 new examples: Ole Tools blob conversion, 4D Write -> Ms Word documents and templates conversion.
* Some of the existing examples were improved.


The OLE4D v3.0.x plugin can be used in Unicode mode only, for non-Unicode the v2.1 should be used.


This plug-in license no longer has any time limit.

The renewal of your expired license will give you a Hassle free license.


Support for this product is no longer available from the publisher.


Ole4D v3.0.2
Hassle Free license
499.00 €
Ole4D v3.0.2
Upgrade from previous versions
199.00 €