>CalendarSet v6

CalendarSet version 6 includes the original API (no change needed in your existing code) as well as the more recent property-based API and adds new features: 

-> Year view

-> Calendar.app-like display

-> Separate scrolling of all-day events area in Day/Week views

-> Separate 64-bit build signed & notarized on Mac

-> 40 new properties

>AreaList Pro v10.4

With thousands of users around the world AreaList Pro is the #1 best seller professional tool for 4D, used by most top developers and publishers.
Its 50 commands and over 400 properties provide tremendous possibilities, far beyond native 4D and ListBoxes, to display fields or arrays and interact with the user, with full control over data entry and display.

>Internet ToolKit v4.3.3, v5.0.3, v6.0.3

As of version 4.3, Internet ToolKit comes through 3 different channels, each matching a 4D version range and SSL context.
- Versions 4.3 and 4.x above for use with 4D v14.4-4D v15 (including 4D v15R4), includes openSSL 1.1.1d
- Version 5.x for use with 4D v16 (including v15R5) - 4D v17 (including 4D v17R4)
- Version 6.x for use with 4D v17R5 and above, 64-bit only, does not contain openSSL (uses what is provided by 4D)5 (ITK v4.1), 4D v16, 4D v17 (ITK v4.2).

>SuperReport Pro v4.2.1

SuperReport Pro Version 4 is compatible with 4D v16, v17 and above versions in 32-bit and 64-bit modes. It brings the new palette interface for all object properties.

>PrintList Pro v6.4

PrintList Pro Version 6 includes 4D v16, v17 and above, 64-bit compatibility, MySQL direct access, use of all AreaList Pro relevant properties, new properties and new commands.

>PDF-XChange Editor v8

Edit PDF files directly.

4D Line 1.0

Published by e-Node worldwide.
Available language(s)

4D Line is an easy-to-use tool for implementing bitmap drawing on 4th Dimension layouts. It lets your users create and modify bitmap pictures.

Uses of 4D Line are multiple:

-Create plans
-Display statistics and graphs
-Collect signatures and handwritten notes through scanners, graphics tablets or touchscreens
-Modify external picture documents


4D Line can be used with just one command - no special formatting is required.
Graphic tools can be displayed if you wish to let the users create and modify their pictures with drawing
functions, to rapidly implement a bitmap drawing environment.

Foreground, background and fill colors, as well as line width can be set programatically and their
current settings values can be read as well.

In addition, the whole Edit menu (undo / redo , cut, copy, paste, erase, select all) can be managed
through the menu or 4D Line commands. Multiple undos / redos are available.

4D Line areas and their settings can be stored in 4D blob variables or fields, and the resulting pictures
can be saved in 4D picture variables or fields, as well as in external picture type documents.


4D Line is fully compatible with 4D / 4D Server 2004 or greater (including 4D v11 SQL). It is compatible with MacOS and Windows clients and 4Dv12 compatible.


Developer licenses are per developer and must be purchased for each platform used for development. To develop in client/server mode, a server license per client platform is also required.

Runtime (per site) and Unlimited Single user licenses cover single-user compiled deployments.

Server mode deployments require a Server license per site and per client platform.

A valid Development license must be owned in order to purchase any Deployment license.

4D Line requires a registration key to "unlock" the product making it a full working version. Call the LN_Register command (see LN_Register for complete details) in the On Startup method.
Without the registration key, 4D Line will operate in demonstration mode during 20 minutes.


4D Line 1.0
Single user (development & deployment)
60.00 €
4D Line 1.0
Server license (per server) - 2 to 10 users
90.00 €
4D Line 1.0
Server license (per server) - 11 to 20 users
140.00 €
4D Line 1.0
Server license (per server) - over 20 users
190.00 €
4D Line 1.0
Unlimited single-user license (per year)
599.00 €