4D Team Developer Professional - 2 Users v19

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4D Team Developer is a development server that supports efficient real-time collaboration for your development team, and includes all of the rapid development features included in 4D Developer Professional.
4D Team Developer Professional lets developers carry out simultaneous operations on the same project. Integrity of data and access to structure, methods and forms is ensured by an internal object and record-locking system.

The client-server architecture of 4D Team Developer Professional lets you move freely between Mac and Windows platforms on both the server and client machines. It can be installed on either a Mac or Windows server (Please note: Once made, this is a definitive choice.), and can serve both Windows and/or Mac client machines. Each client sees their native interface, no matter the original platform used to create the project.

What’s Included

Development Server License
Delivered with 2 connections, allowing 2 developers to work on the same project, or for one developer to develop in client-server mode while using a 4D Mobile connection. No additional client licenses are necessary. Additional developers can be added with 4D Team Developer Expansion packs.

4D Developer Professional
All 4D Developer Professional development features are available to Team Developers, including:

-Maintenance and Security Center
-Connectivity plug-ins (4D for OCI, 4D ODBC Pro)
-Office productivity plug-ins (4D Write, 4D View)
-Use of 4D Mobile with 3 sessions (development only)
-Web Server for development and testing
-Web Services Server for development and testing
-SQL Server for development and testing
-Remote compilation

NOTE: Remote app and component generation is not supported by 4D Team Developer Professional. However, an additional 4D Developer Professional license (included) allows you to generate your application from standalone mode, either with 4D Unlimited Desktop or to create custom client/server executables. This license must be installed on the same machine as the development server.

For What & Whom?

4D Team Developer Professional is ideal for any group or organization that needs multiple developers to work on a single project simultaneously.

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4D Team Developer Professional - 2 Users v19
License 4D v19
2,465.00 €
4D Team Developer Professional - 2 Users v19
Maintenance 1 year
616.00 €
4D Team Developer Professional - 2 Users v19
Upgrade 4D v18 to 4D v19
1,729.00 €