4D SQL Server v19

Available language(s)

4D SQL Server lets you deploy standalone 4D applications as a SQL client or as a Web Services client for any external data source. This product also includes licenses for the 4D Write and 4D View office productivity plug-ins.

What’s Included

-Simultaneous use of your application on the desktop while opening SQL connections to remote databases (SQL Pass-through)
-SQL database engine
-Runs compiled applications
-Use of components
-Web Services client
-4D Write Expansion (integrated word processor)
-4D View Expansion (integrated spreadsheet)

Available Options

-4D ODBC Pro Expansion
-4D for OCI Expansion

For What & Whom

4D SQL Desktop is for anyone who wishes to deploy a 4D application as a desktop standalone application and/or as a client for an external database.

Licensing Notes

One license is required for each computer that has 4D SQL Desktop installed.


4D SQL Server v19
Licence 4D v19
129.00 €
4D SQL Server v19
Maintenance 1 year
35.00 €
4D SQL Server v19
Upgrade 4D v18 to 4D v19
89.00 €